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June 14, 2007

Moving along again

Today's blog stop is here. The person who was supposed to put up an essay of mine yesterday never answered e-mails and was basically unavailable to everyone. You have to wonder what's going on--family emergency, or just plain sloth? Hard to tell, but today's interview is up.

I'm still waiting for you guys to give me some ideas for which passages of "Excited Light" I should use for my reading.
I've now got votes for several different passages and there's not time for all of them. But I did have fun ordering the birthday cake for the event.

As for "The Double Bind." What a cheap cop-out! I'm not going to do a spoiler, but the ending really pissed me off. Now, I am annoyed at using the characters from "The Great Gatsby" and *also* irritated at the stupid trick he pulls on the reader at the end. Barnes & Noble was touting this as some great discovery of the month. My advice: don't waste your time. Who makes these "great discovery" decisions anyway? I've read books by self-published authors that are much more polished and original than this.

Must get to extreme gardening. The weather has been delightful but humidity is moving in and I'd like to get a lot of this done before the 90s hit. So, I'll make this short. I will be having some time to start visiting blogs again as all my extra guest blogs are done. It was a lot of work and I'm sorry if it took me out of circulation at Xanga for a while. I've also got to get back to writing the work in progress. I finished Chapter 11, but now need to think out how Chapter 12 is going to go. I think I'm about I/2 to 2/3 of the way in my first draft. It's taking lots of work for this novel because of all the research I had to do.




Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Lynn, I found you! I'm glad you take my newsletter. Did you know that you can send me articles (I don't mind if they're recycled from your blog, as long as they are helpful to writers! (-: ) and tips and more. I'll include links with all--to your blog or site or wherever. (-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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twoberry said...

I'll be back, as time permits.

Bastet said...

Thanks, Carolyn. Wish I had some tips. But wait for the next blog. It will be all about e-Publishing!