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September 1, 2011

I've got a new book out!

I've got a new book that's come out on the Fiction Studio Books imprint, named The God's Wife. It's being sold as an e-book on all platforms from Kindle on, to iPad via the iTunes bookstore, and all other e-bookstores in between. There also is a paperback available at

What's it about? It's a historical fiction tale mixed with a lot of magic and mystical touches all featuring a young girl who is named the God's Wife of Amun in ancient Egypt. You don't have to know much about ancient Egypt, because the book explains everything you need to know. Neferet, the young God's Wife, hasn't been prepared for her role properly. Political vipers assail her and sexual approaches surround her.

Meanwhile, in the 21st century a young dancer named Rebecca Kirk has been slated to dance a version of "Aida," and becomes so immersed in her role that she falls into trances, smelling the breeze off the Nile, feeling the desert sun on her cheeks, hearing the call of the priests at Karnak temple. It isn't long before she senses that she's communicating with an Egyptian woman from the distant past.

Eventually the two are communicating, and the reason for it eludes all reason. Neferet thinks the gods are putting Rebecca to her aid. Rebecca thinks they are on parallel universes. But whatever is going on, each woman is helping the other. The worlds are not stable however, and it's clear that both can't exist for long. Who will live and who will die? And what precious gift is the God's Wife learning from this otherworldly experience?

The book has already got one rave review from, which called it: “A heavenly read.... The God’s Wife is a feast of romance and excitement, keeping the reader in its thrall with suspense.”

More reviews will come in, but I can't expect a better start than that.

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