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June 3, 2007

Next stop...

My Virtual Book Tour continues tomorrow at, an aptly named site. I mean how close to the truth can you get than "plug your book"? I guess there's a site for everything. Certainly if you put just about any word into Google, you'll get about a hundred results.

Right now, I'm winding down after a rather un-relaxing Sunday of dashing about trying to get things done. I also attacked the weeds. Die, die, die! It's getting better. It doesn't look like a tropical jungle anymore. But I really need my husband and his chain saw for the neighbor's bushes that are growing through the fence into MY garden. Bushes, humph. They don't know their boundaries. Plus a climbing rose bush died, probably due to our rough spring. Requiem for a rose bush. Sigh. I need to buy a replacement.

I really did try to take pix of yesterday's 80th birthday party for my aunt, but that's a little difficult when you haven't brought your camera. D'oh! Good one, Lynn. I took a couple shots with my cell phone, but they look fuzzy. Not sure what was going on there. Accept it, I'm mechanically challenged. I'm still trying to figure out how to take people off my phone book on my cell phone. (When we bought the phone hubby downloaded my address book into it, and I've got people on there who I haven't talked to in years--and some I never want to talk to again!)

I'm beginning to panic about the Printer's Row festival. I don't have my bookmarks printed yet. (Need hubby.) The post cards I sent out had the wrong time for Sunday, so there's that to fix. I'll probably have to e-mail everyone. I have to have my posters printed at Kinko's or whereever and once again I need expert help on how to get this done. I'm not at all calm and collected. I saw the street corner where we will be sitting. Right in the middle of things, but also right by my son's apartment, so I'll have a place to take shelter, grab a cool drink, maybe even invite friends over if my son is willing. I plan to stay there that night, so that I don't have to schlep everything back home on Saturday night, then schlep it back on Sunday.

Look, if I didn't have anything to panic about, it just wouldn't be me.

See ya Monday!



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