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May 30, 2007

Announcing the Virtual Book Tour

a-da! Starting tomorrow (or maybe the day after), we will commence the Virtual Book Tour in which I will visit most of the popular blogs on books and writing. My first stop is supposed to be tomorrow, because someone couldn't shoehorn me into June proper, but if that changes I'll let you know.

Anyway, the idea is that I go galavanting off to visit various blogs, where they ask me questions about my book, writing, and other things. I supply the links over here, so you can visit--and possibly make some new blog friends. It's all good for everyone. Here's where to start. My pal Dorothy, who organized this whole thing, will be listing all my stops. I will blog EVERY DAY. Yup, every day. OMG, can I do it? Of course I can, and I will give you links on where to go.

This does not mean I will only be writing about my book, "Excited Light". Heavens, no. I'd run out of material pretty fast. Because face it, once a book is published, the writer is on to another project pretty quickly. I've got lots to say about my work-in-progress, but little more to add about . Don't get me wrong, I dearly love old "EL," but I do have other things to discuss.

And speaking of things to discuss, it's a downward spiral for the American men at the French Open. My God, in one day, the entire American contingent poops out: Roddick, Blake, the whole bunch. Robby Ginepri was only saved by a rain delay. All we can hope now is that Venus and Serena have their mojo working. Oops, better not use that word. It backfired on a certain player a couple years ago.

Okay, enough of that. Look forward to lots of fun visits around the Web to interesting places!


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