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June 1, 2007

The Virtual Book Tour Begins

Yes, indeed, my Virtual Book Tour has started and you can view my first stop at:

It will be up there for a couple days, last night I wasn't so sure. It's not the usual canned interview, but a heartfelt essay that I wrote, so I hope you pop over there and take a look.

In other writing news, I had a meeting with my writers' group last night and the group thought my current chapter was my best one yet. I got nothing but praise. The new member was a little confused, because he didn't have the benefit of reading the first three chapters, but everyone else was on the same, ahem, page. We all marveled at the end of the meeting how having an extra set of eyes makes all the difference when you are writing. Someone who can tell you the dialog sounds phony will spur you on to fix the conversations in the next piece you turn in. Everyone there is showing great improvement.

We've been entertaining a guest from the U.K. this week. We took him downtown for some deep-dish Chicago pizza (I feel like I'll never eat another meal for the rest of the week!). The it decided to pour down rain, which really didn't help, anything. I left them and went shopping. They came home roughly the same time I did, drenched and unable to do much sightseeing. But being from London, our guest was pretty used to rain.

That's about it for this Friday. Big family celebration this weekend. I hope I shall survive.


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