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May 29, 2007

Weeds and chemical warfare

Technorati ProfileYesterday, before we did our barbecue, I spent the afternoon going after the monster weeds that have popped up all over our lawn and in my garden. I'd take a picture, but it's too embarrassing. I can't plant the annuals, which should be in the ground about now, until I get rid of these suckers.

So, there I am with the chemical ammo, going "die, die, die" to dandelions and other nasties. The gunk is supposed to work in 24 hours. So, I get up today and what do I see? Weeds. Some of them are a tad wilted, but others look just as healthy as ever. WTF? Am I going to have to do a second coating of the toxic waste? Maybe I just need to be patient.

I don't feel really ecologically cool about this endeavor, but there's a limit to how much I can dig up--especially in allergy season, which is hitting me hard. However, I may have to get out a shovel and just turn all the earth to get rid of these weeds from Mars. They are Big, I'm telling you. Monstrous. One variety has covered up a rosebush, and it seems completely impervious to the evil weed killer.

Lots of writing going on. At least that's working out well.
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